Converting An '89 Audi 200 Quattro Turbo To EFI

These few pages are going to be a complete walk through of how I converted my I5 Audi to EFI.  The main reasons for doing so were that the original CIS injection started to play up and I found parts were starting to go up in price.  I also wanted to get a little more power out of this fantastic engine.  I aim to include all prices and sources and also to point out where I went wrong :-/

Megasquirt 2 v3 including stimulator                    -                    -   £172.00

Coolant temp sensor  PN Standard TX3                -   American Spares 01923 221776     -  £14.25

Air intake temp sensor  PN Standard AX1            -   American Spares 01923 221776     -  £9.00

Throttle Position Sensor PN Bosch 0280122001   

Also the bar that the TPS mounts on                     -   Breakers Yard (Vauxhall Senator) -   £8.00   

Wideband o2 Controller & Sensor  LC-1              -      -  £145.00

Audi 5 cylinder 10 valve fuel rail kit                     -

5 x 57lb low impedance injectors                         -

5 x CIS to EFI injector bungs                                -

5 x EFI injector connectors                                      -

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator (adjustable)   -

1.9 bar waste gate spring                                        -

6' heat sheathing for cable                                     -               -   £456.02

Fuel lines                                                               -   Local specialist                                -   £60.00

Recon KKK - K26 turbo                                       -   Local turbo specialist                       -   £250.00

Dialynx manifold                                                   -   Ebay                                                -   £125.00

General cable 20 gauge & connectors                   -   Maplin Electronics                           -   £22.00

                                                                                    Total                                                -   £1261.29

OK first ting was to build the megasquirt kit.  When the kit turned up we were very impressed at the build quality, hats off to Glen's Garage.  Building was not as difficult as I first thought.  After a quick read through of the instructions we set to work…...

Dewald hard at work assembling this very well made kit.

Dave pops in to see how we're getting on.  He didn't make us a

coffee though :-(

Megasquirt plugged in to the stimulator and the laptop for the first time.  Works a treat…… :-D

Megasquirt finished !! From start to finish about 5 hours…. What a way to spend your Saturday afternoon  :-D

Installed O2 sensor bung in the down pipe.  It was positioned about 10 inches from the turbo, so as to keep it a little cooler,  pointing up and away from any possible interference.  The welding isn't the best, but it defiantly won't let go…!

Installed manifold, turbo, waste gate, engine mount and alternator.

Realigned exhaust and tightened up all nuts and bolts.

Started to polish manifold and turbo, then decided I couldn't be arsed..!

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Removed old CIS injectors, injector seats followed, finally remove air shroud.

Clean the seats, be careful here as crud tends to try and drop into the inlet ports.  13mm Allen key needed for this procedure, highly recommend allen socket as the seats tend to be tight…!!!