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Insert new Efi injector seats with a little copper slick on the thread to help it along.  Tighten with a 10mm allen key, be careful don't over tighten as the seats are plastic…!!!

Using an allen key to bend the air shroud inlet down a little so it    doesn't interfere with the new fuel rail.

Injectors push-fit into the seats, fuel rail push-fit on the injectors.

Inlet manifold offered up…..

Oh *@#$=&% !!!!! Removed throttle linkage to get it all to seat properly, but its far tooooo tight to fit the inlet hose.  Also going to have to have a look at the injector connectors, that too looks rather close.  Mmmm Going to have to put my mind to this one…...

Inlet manifold has just been picked up from the engineers.  Fantastic modification has been done, just what I wanted…!!!

Rebuild the throttle body now.

Original TPS; 10mm hole drilled in the outer casing so as to extend the bar to the new TPS.

Throttle body rebuilt with extended bar for new TPS.  The bar that I got at the breaker yard was cut and welded onto the existing bar.

Cover plate made and fitted as the original cold start valve is no longer needed and has removed.  Original gasget used.

Wiring loom created for the injectors.  Covered in heat resistant     tubing all connections soldered and heat shrinked.

Throttle body, fuel rail and injectors now fitted.  Notice the rear injector rail mount has been modified to fit the injector plug.  Injectors 1 to 4 have the connectors underneath and injector 5 has the connector on top.

Intercooler to throttle body has been modified, the oval end chopped off and test fitted.  Fits a treat…!!  Hose removed and refitted with hose clips.

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