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Test fit of second TPS mounting plate.  Bit rough and ready at the moment but will be tided up.

Second TPS mounting plate drawn out and started to cut out.  Made from 3.5 mm aluminium sheet, off cut from the local engineers.

Second TPS mounting plate finished, fitted and tested on a test meter.  Works a treat.!.

Wiring loom finally designed. Starting to wire all the sensors up.

Injectors wired up. Dizzy cables run through.  Coolant temp cables run (green & black).  Intake temp cables run (yellow & black).  Final position of LC-1 wideband O2 controller decided, you can just about see it next to the fuse box behind the firewall.

Cables & relay in passenger foot well.

Cabling almost completed.  TPS wired up, air temp wired up but not yet mounted, coolant temp wired up but not mounted, relay wired up.  All cables tested.

All mega squirt cabling complete, powered up for the first time, all sensors working correctly :-D  The LC-1 wideband controller is wired up but fuse not inserted as I want to get the engine running before I introduce the O2 sensor.