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All cables installed in resistant wrap and all ends heat shrink sealed.

All internal cables tidied up and installed in wrap. 

Associated turbo piping installed Blow-Off valve installed and tested.

New high pressure fuel lines have just turned up and are being fitted.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator installed into new high pressure fuel lines.  Pressure will be set to 3 bar.

OK its all installed now.  Time to pressure test it.  Open the fuse box, insert a fuse into the top of the fuel pump relay. This puts it into diagnostic mode.  Turn the ignition key to the second position.  Fuel pump fires up and pressurises system.

Any leaks MUST be fixed ASAP.

Once all A OK-- Turn the Key…..!!!

First set the TPS in megatune.

And turn the key…….

Yeah… She runs…..!!!!!

Fired up on the first turn of the key, well impressed!!!!

Screen dump of the first run...

Now to start tuning :-/

Fuel pressure gauge has now been fitted and fuel pressure set to 3 bar with out the engine running.

Vacuum pipe now attached to the fuel pressure regulator.  I didn't think this was needed, but I was wrong.  Runs far better with it installed…!!

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