LC-1 Wideband o2 controller installed and setup.  Couldn't believe how easy this it to set up…!!

The throttle position sensor has been rewired as I made a mistake first time around.  It now reads perfectly right.

TPS brown & green to 5v reference (red on my diagram)

TPS blue & brown to ground (black on my diagram)

TPS blue & black to MS signal (blue on my diagram)

While the waste gate cap was off I decided to make this modification to allow me to make fine adjustments to the spring tension.  Remove the existing seat and replace with a longer bolt from the inside.  On the out side grind the bolt to make a seat for an 8mm spanner.

Adjustable waste gate and 1.9 bar spring now installed.  Use a nice big bar between bulkhead and waste gate cap to hold cap in place while all bolts are tightened.

Drilled and tapped the inlet manifold just behind the butterfly, machined the surface down a fraction to create a seat for the copper washer.  MAF sensor then mounted.  Throttle cable mount modified to fit above the fuel line.

Created 'T' piece to be mounted in the coolant top hose.  Coolant temp sensor then mounted in the 'T' piece.

Goodridge brake lines arrived, they are fantastic quality…!

Braided Goodridge brake lines installed.  New break booster installed and complete braking system bled up.  Pedal feels great, the difference these lines make is amazing.  I'll go into more detail when the car's on the road. 

Oil breather filter installed.

Inlet pipe shortened by a couple of inches.  K&N air filter installed.

A shield will be made at a later date to separate the filter from the turbo heat.

New CV joint installed and torqued up to specs.

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